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Welcome to Tube Cash Jeet JV Page.

Welcome to the Tube Cash Jeet JV page. This product is a YouTube Course with 47 modules teaching your customers everything from Traffic basics to YouTube Keyword Research, Ranking and Optimization.

Cyril takes your customers by the hand and teaches them how to properly optimize their YouTube channels, video titles, descriptions, tags and more in order to gain more subscribers, more video views and ultimately more customers using the power of YouTube Video Marketing.

Between Cyril and myself we have multiple YouTube channels that get millions of views. When we saw each other’s YouTube stats we knew we had to team up for this launch. This launch is going to be backed by some serious proof as well as tons of great testimonials from Cyril’s Udemy customers who have nothing but positive things to say about this course.

Also covered in Tube Cash Jeet are the newly released YouTube tools that are game changers for 2015!

Your customers are going to eat this product for breakfast, lunch and dinner then come back asking what’s for desert!

Let us know if you need anything for your Promotion.

We are here to help you have a successful campaign!


Cyril Jeet Gupta

Launch Date Launch date
What is Tube Cash Jeet Tube Cash Jeet

YouTube Video Training Course

This is arguably the industry's best YouTube video training that will turn newbies into sharp YouTube marketers.

With more than 2500 students on UDemy, this is one of the most popular YouTube courses there and has received some insane reviews. The average rating is 4.85 stars over 26 total ratings by real students.

When you promote this course to your list, you will do it with confidence that you're sending them to the best YouTube course around.

And yes... Cyril Jeet and Brad Scott are two of the best YouTube experts around, with each of them running YouTube channels that get not thousands, but hundreds of thousands of visitors.


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The funnel The funnel

60% Commissions on the front-end, and 50% on the OTOs! There are 3 software products in the funnel, and one amazing training course. Guaranteed to CONVERT INSANELY!!

Why promote Tube Cash Jeet

Massive social proof
With the real student testimonails vouching for this course, and the credentials of the producers, you can be sure that the conversions are going to be very high.

Cyril 'Jeet' and Brad Scott are committed to your success and maximizing your earnings. We make great quality products and maintain them with a fanatic devotion, making sure your buyers are happy.

Our launches has done well, generating hundreds of thousands in earnings for my JVs. Have a look some of our earlier launches.

Here's how our last launches did

- InstaHook Virtual Studios - 1,400+ Front End Sales
- InstaHook Video Backgrounds - 3,500+ Front End Sales
- Video Profits Pro - 2,000+ Front End Sales
- Traffic Jeet I - 3,000+ Front End Sales
- Video Jeet - 4,800+ Front End Sales
- Tuberank Jeet I - 3,800+ Front End Sales
- Traffic Jeet II - 1,400 Front End Sales
- Email Jeet - 3,500+ Front End Sales

Past front end sales

This is a hit YouTube course on UDemy where Cyril marketed it initially. It has over 2500 students which makes it among the most popular YouTube courses on UDemy.

People have paid up to $67 for this course and loved the value it provided so in this launch, it's certainly going to be very well-received.

This one's going to be a rockstar launch! Let's do it together!!


Tube Cash Jeet is Launching in

17th July, 2015
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